Decorating Ideas: Would You Like to See the House? Book

One and Only Vintage Style of Lorraine Kirke

As the TV credits rolled on the last episode of “Girls” recently, my heart sunk. And yes, I may have cried a little too. But my new book “Would You Like to See the House?” by Lorraine Kirke is making me dizzy with pleasure! Lorraine’s daughter is Girls actress Jemima Kirke; and Girls creator Lena Dunham wrote the following fabulous intro:

“Lorraine Kirke’s style is part New Orleans brothel, part upper-crust teatime, and all her own. Her spaces are like theatre sets—endless secrets to discover, incredible attention to character, and there’s a dramatic nook for every occasion. As soon as you enter a Lorraine Kirke space you will never want to leave, you will feel like a different person, and you will know Lorraine intimately. That is her gift.”

Now…to take a look at some of the rooms created by one of the best vintage interior designers ever…

Photography: Patti Stoecker. Book published by Rizzoli New York.