Decorating Ideas: White Sanctuary

This week I shared some of my all-time favourite local vintage shopping haunts, including Simon Robinson’s gorgeous space within the Carrington Bazaar, Lismore.

So today, I thought I’d share some pics of Simon’s home. I’ve been holding onto this Country Style magazine shoot since 2008 (yes, I have a serious magazine obsession), having fallen in love with his dreamy devotion to white and all shades of pale. And secretly coveting the religious statue he picked up at a convent’s auction. Envious? Maybe just a tinge...It’s just so me. 

I remember the first time I visited Simon’s original shop (Alba) in Lismore. It was located in a small whitewashed shop and I was literally high from the glow. The tiny shop was crammed with crystal vases, French chandeliers, glass bottles and jars, pieces inlaid with mother-of-pearl, milk-glass, antique mirrors, bone china, perfectly pressed white vintage linen and masses of silverware. It was dazzling.

While it’s a world I’m not sure my seven-year-old would ever let me pull off, I adore it.