Vintage Styling

Decorating Ideas: The Art of Display

It’s been said before, but I truly believe it – making your house a home is all in the details.

Looking for vintage styling inspiration?

1. Be odd. For some reason, collections look more aesthetic in odd numbers or large numbers. Group your favourite collection in three’s or en masse to make a statement. Brass candle holders, glass vessels in different shapes and sizes or piles of plush velvet cushions.

2. Arrange by theme. Consider grouping different objects that all have the same colour palette, hue or style. Show off your treasures and bring them out in the open where you can admire them everyday. Beautiful vintage dishes full of rings, an old wooden bowl filled with shells or a stack of vintage suitcases (that can double as storage).

3. Fashion fun. A vintage mannequin is not only beautiful, but a great way to display necklaces, scarves or a favourite dress. While vintage hats and bags can make add a touch of glamour to a blank bedroom wall.

4. Picture perfect. Mix up your photos of friends and family using a mix of beautiful old wooden frames in different shapes, sizes and styles.

5. Think outside the square. Old wooden printer’s trays, vintage Singer sewing machine draws and old wooden boxes can be used to display tiny treasures or as practical storage.

Turn your favourite treasures into beautiful displays, with some of these inspirational ideas: