Fashion Editorial: Vintage Looks Full of Nature

Elle UK December 2016 Shoot

You know that feeling you get in the stomach when you realise Christmas is nearly here, so you’d better hit the shopping malls? If that is you right now, then you might want to read on…

Yesterday I drove two hours to go Christmas shopping in a large outlet mall. It felt wrong and I was doing everything I could to stall the trip, but thought if I don’t go I’ll crumble into a ball of present-giving anxiety…Anyway, two take-away lattes later, I arrived. Here’s the thing. It took me longer to find a park then it did to get theĀ hell out of there.

And chances are I’ll be back in a shopping mall before the 25th December…But. Coming home empty-handed, I was reminded that what I really crave is vintage. Dresses to chill-out-in that have just the right level of worn-in cotton. A pair of second-hand Dr Martens (these two things are my Christmas pressies to myself…hehehe). A piece of vintage jewellery for my mum. Rock tee for my husband. Beautiful old pot for my garden-lovin’ mother-in-law. And so on…

And, until this morning, I had no plans to share with you how I’d basically bullied myself into going shopping at an outlet mall…But then I came across this shoot!

This combo of vintage-style dresses and relaxed summer make-up made me feel serene, immediately. Christmas anxiety gone. Summer dressing dilemmas minimised (never, ever completely gone). Plus a beautiful shoot to let my mind wander….breathe in and enjoy.

Model: Daphne Groenveld. Photographer: Kai Z Feng. Styling: Anne-Marie Curtis. Magazine: Elle UK December 2016. Hair: Lok Lau. Makeup: Naoko Scintu. Source: Smile Blog.