Fashion Editorial: Rock this Town

Get your Kicks!

Are brothel creepers pretty much cooler than any other shoe? OK, they might be on-par with eight hole Doc’s or a pair of worn-in high top Converse…But only maybe. I’m still deliberating. While I haven’t owned a pair for years, Teddy Boy creepers are the new on-trend shoe (thanks to Isabel Marant & Mulberry’s recent catwalk shows). I’m thinking “Mummy needs a new pair of shoes.

Pair them with evening gowns, rolled up jeans, anything leather and heaps and heaps of attitude. This is one shoe that will never look generic. From here, I’ll let this amazing shoot by Thierry Le Gouès do the talking.

Photographer: Thierry Le Gouès. Models: Renata Sozzi, Juliana, Nicole Lichtenberg, and Karlina. Styling: Marcell Rocha. Source: Fashion Gone Rogue. Media: French Revue de Modes.