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WARNING: If you’re keen to hear me rant, read on. If not, scroll past and enjoy the eye-candy!

Yesterday I went Mother’s Day shopping. Like a dutiful daughter (and daughter-in-law) I headed to a big department store for pashmina and 500 count sheets. Now, to get to said sheets, I had to traverse the entire first floor – twice. Because, I swear to god, they’ve reversed the arrows to the escalators. So you end up standing at the bottom of the down escalator and walk the floor again to find the up escalator…marketing geniuses.

Anyway, I get to the second floor, get the sheets, get on the down escalator and then I get dropped off in the accessories department. Cool. One thing I can’t buy vintage is fishnet stockings, so I’m happy(ish). Get distracted (horrified) by pleather tights. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. So I walk on…and see some gloves, and genuinely think…”Ohh…another possible Mother’s Day present idea…”

Talk about boring. You could get faux suede, brown pleather (they looked like tradie gloves) and light grey acrylic knitted ones. End of story. What is the point? It’s so frustrating.

Gloves should take an outfit to a whole new level! Be beautiful, practical and drop-dead gorgeous. And be made from luxe materials like thick satin, soft lace, leather, suede, have embellishments, embroidery, small covered buttons, studs and jewels. They should make an outfit fun, freaky, foxy and cute; and elevate your jeans and tee combo to best-dressed status!

Wear gloves because they’re beautiful, they cover up chipped fingernails, because it’s cold outside, because they’re effing sexy, or just because. And they’re easy to hunt down, often in mint condition, in vintage stores. Still not sure? Let me convince you…Rant over. Thanks for listening and being my support group for ‘Beautiful Vintage Gloves Anonymous’…See you next week. X

Photography: via Pinterest. And some of the world’s most awesome photographers, stylists and models including Ellen Von Unwerth (god I love this woman! One day I hope I get to work with her), Mario Testino, Officially Mosh, Dita Von Teese, TeshFrancesco Carrozzini, Nathaniel GoldbergMariano Vivanco.