Outfit Ideas: Vintage Style – Own the Look

September already? What the, right?! On a bright note, all the Sept/Oct issues of my fave fashion mags have started pouring in. Yeah! I know, it’s a little tragic and embarrassing, but I can’t deny my love.

Glossy mags have always been my kind of meditation (I never could achieve being motionless for very long). An escapism into a world of wonderous and magical clothes.

Of course, my clothing budget never quite stretches to the latest Dolce & Gabbana leopard print coat or a Roberto Cavalli ethereal dress. But still, beautiful fashion photography reminds me of just how expressive and fun dressing up can be.

And my obsession started young. I grew up clipping out pics to make my own zines and style bibles from old Interview, Cleo and Vogue magazines. Bit like this blog really.

Luckily for me, this month’s fashion aesthetic is definitely all about vintage; and it’s divine. Sequins, ruffles, rockabilly quiffs, whimsical lace, velvet, brocades, silk and leather.

So today I’m breaking down some of the best vintage fashion shoots from this month’s mags – so you don’t have to!

Dig in. It’s heaven. X