Outfit Ideas: Glam, Glitter and Shine

Thanks to a nasty flu, I’ve spent the past few days in bed with cups of lemon and ginger tea, catching up on all my mags and bouncing around the net.

While being sick sucks, occasionally it’s nice to slow down. Sometimes life can feel like one big rush. Alarm, gym, coffee, rushing to meetings, emails, more coffee, work, the never-ending what’s for dinner? question, sleep. Repeat.

This week, after too many codeine-hazed happy hours lying in bed, I’ve created a whole new obsession – all things that shine and sparkle. Escapism maybe?

So today’s blog is a celebration of vintage glam, glitter, stars, sequins and dresses that shimmer and sparkle.

And I pinkie swear, these pictures will give you warm fuzzy feelings. Alternatively bookmark this page for the next time you need a day in bed.