Dark as Night: The Curious Card Company

Meet the Artist: The Curious Card Company

This week I had the great honour to talk to Vanessa Kellas, the artist behind the The Curious Card Company.

Vanessa concocts masterpieces of the macabre, transforming cards into something that you would actually want to keep forever; frame and hang on your wall.

These are no Hallmark greeting cards. Vanessa’s designs are adorned with anthropological body parts, romantic Gothic motifs, Victorian ephemera, healing crystals and antique witchcraft botanical’s.

Charles Baudelaire would have approved!

Do you have a favourite design? If so, can you tell us a little bit about why?

I keep drifting back to the ‘Anatomical Heart’. At the moment, I have two cards featuring this design, and I can tell you, there will be more on the horizon! I wear my heart on my sleeve, and accept the good and not so good that comes with that.

What do you love about your business?

I love that I am doing something that truly makes me happy, and satiating that little voice inside me that always wants to be creating something.

What’s not so great?

I am an introvert by nature, and although I LOVE working from home, I understand the need to get out and mingle with the world. Also, I tend to get distracted easily…

Where can readers buy your gorgeous cards?

You can buy them from my online shop at www.thecuriouscardcompany.com and also from various shops in the Northern Rivers and beyond! I am always looking to expand my wholesale contacts, so would love to hear from shops interested in stocking the Curious!

Favourite Movie?

“Spirited Away” by Hayao Miyazaki (studio Ghibli).

Life Motto?

“Be Kind to Yourself.”

If your house was on fire and everyone was safe, what vintage piece would you save?

I think, my vintage books, and if only one, then, my little red book of Aristotle’s Works, which contains ‘An Essay on Marriage’, ‘The Famous Master-Piece’ and wait for it… ‘Curious Problems’, because, that is where it all started for me.

Favourite vintage shopping haunts?

I wish I had been more aware of just how much treasure I took for granted when I used to live in England now that I have moved back to Australia. Moving on from that, Mullumbimby is a pretty good hive of vintage shopping activity, with my favourites being ‘The Silver Lining’, ‘Hills and Mojo’ and ‘Urban Archeology’, all on Burringbar St. And my favourite shop in the shire is ‘ReSould’ in Brunswick Heads, in all it’s mid-century modern glory.

The vintage purchase that set your soul on fire?

A small, dark timber framed picture of the Holy Mary from Limoges in France, that was purchased at an Antique Fair in Norwich, UK. The piece is actually a dark blue tile, with the raised silhouette of Mary set in a translucent white glaze. It’s mesmerising (so maybe I’d save that too).

Your top 5 tracks of all time?

Unfortunately, music wasn’t a big part of my life growing up, but Manic Street Preachers and Suede were a huge part of my early adult life, and I love Ludovico Einaudi now.

Favourite artist?

Perhaps not my favourite, but on reflection, the most influential is Hieronymus Bosch. My Dad had the macabre triptych, “The Garden of Earthly Delights” hanging in our lounge when I lived overseas as a little girl. Oh, and Goya. You know the one, “Saturn Devouring His Son”. Thanks Dad! hahaha…

Thank you Vanessa!