Hair Ideas: 50+ of the Best Pastel Pink Hair Styles

50+ of the Best Pale Pink Hair Styles (and the best Pink Hair Outfits)

Quick…what’s your favourite colour?

Black! Me too.

OK. What’s your second favourite colour?

Pink? Millennial pink (a.k.a. Pantone 2016 Colour of The Year – Rose Quartz)?

I’m a huge lover of this hair colour. Actually all the pinks have taken me hostage (and my Pinterest feed) from pastel pink balayage, soft pinks, blush hues, magenta’s, cotton candy, mauve tints, peachy tones and unicorn technicolour shades.

From modern-day muses such as model Fernanda Ly to minimilist street styles to festival looks (and everything in-between).

It’s time to get pretty in pink. Sarah x

Shop my Edit of Pink Hair Outfits. Sarah x

Image 1: Pinterest. Image 2: Ellen Von Unwerth. Image 3: Magazine Bullett. Image 4 & 5: Cucharitademiel. Image 6: Danielle DeFoe. Image 7: Brit + Co. Image 8: Pinterest. Image 9: Pinterest. Image 10: Pasteled Vogue. Image 11:  Selbst Paradies. Image 12: Anthony Ward. Image 13: Unknown. Image 14: Kuku. Image 15: The Prepester Dairies. Image 16: The Stylish Gypsy. Image 17: Unknown. Image 18: Marie Claire Australia. Image 19: Actitudfem. Image 20: Pinterest.  Image 21: Hoton Beauty. Image 22: Kevin Sinclair. Image 23: Unknown. Image 24: Eric Guillemain. Image 25: Jang Hyun Hong. Image 26: Unknown. Image 27: Craig McDean. Image 28: Pinterest. Image 29: Pinterest. Image 30: Pinterest. Image 31: Unknown. Image 32: Souvenirs of a Girl. Image 33: Pinterest. Image 34: Pringle of Scotland. Image 35: Marie Claire Australia. Image 36: Ellen Von Unwerth. Image 37: Pinterest. Image 38: Jason Hetherington. Image 39: Unknown. Image 40: Pinterest. Image 41: Marie Claire Australia. Image 42: Unknown. Image 43: Wildfox. Image 44: Sis Hair. Image 45: Oracle Fox. Image 46: Rack and Ruin. Image 47: Unknown. Image 48: Unknown. Image 49: Unknown. Image 50: Unknown.