Decorating Ideas: Sera of London – My Vintage Decor Muse

Can you have a vintage decor muse? Well, either way, I have one! Sera of London.

Sera’s interiors are all about boudoir glamour, dream-like salons and powder rooms, re-vamped vintage, lace wallpaper, lush velvet cushions, French shutters, angel wings, chic bohemian bedrooms and edgy rock’n’roll lounge rooms. There’s so much love that goes into Sera’s interiors. She doesn’t follow fashion or obey rules. She’s the Iggy Pop of vintage home decor. If you have a lust to create a beautiful vintage home, be inspired by Sera’s creations:

Vintage Decor: 5 Ideas from Sera of London

1. Shop outside the box. Look for vintage trunks and suitcases to create coffee tables and bedside tables.

2. Boudoir vintage. Indulge your inner bombshell and update your bedroom with velvet, lace and plush upholstery.

3. Vixen vibe. Sex-up your vintage decor with candles, antique perfume bottles and put your vintage lingerie on display!

4. Vintage lighting. Sera believes lighting is everything and can transform a room. Introduce beautiful lamps, crystal chandeliers or a 1970’s shell light.

5. Be playful. Vintage decor does not have to be all in one style of period. Add soft pink Marie Antoinette style silk covered chairs to an industrial work bench table. Add a little kitsch to keep it fun too.

Images Via: Sera of London