Runway Show: Giambattista Valli Winter 2017 Couture

Couture to Bring out Your Inner Ballerina

In celebration of we-made-it-to-Friday, I’m swapping my usual glass of late afternoon (noon-ish) red wine for some indulgent me-time by scrolling through some of the more recent Couture shows. Why? Because I think I may have man-flu. And it really is so much worse than the normal flu.

But before I wish you so long, I just had to share some vintage style details from Giambattista Valli Winter 2017 Couture show. God I love tulle. See you next week. Sarah x

Shop Like a Valli-tine. Sarah x

P.S. Some of the below vintage Valli items are amazing value! If only those leopard pony-hair boots were my size!

Images Vogue.