Decorating Ideas: Decorating with Vintage Flags

Vintage Flags take Pole Position

I’ve always felt my house is missing a weathered, old flag.

A piece of red, white and blue that I can add to my walls. Or an old planning map. Or a big ol’ nautical flag. Something to up my edginess. I just love the way they add a cool injection of offbeat style to almost any style of room. Transforming lack-lustre white walls to handsome spaces where you want to sip strong, sweet rum in a worn leather armchair.

So until I can claim my own old vintage flag, these good-looking rooms will just have to tide me over.

Image 1: Felix Forest. Image 2: Sibella Court. Image 3: Mark Roper. Image 4: Sibella Court. Image 5: Sibella Court. Image 6: Ralph Lauren Home. Image 7: Ralph Lauren Home. Image 8: Ralph Lauren Home. Image 9: Sharyn Cairns. Image 10: Mark Roper. Image 11: Sibella Court. Image 12: Krista Keltanen. Image 13: Unknown. Image 14: Brick Studio. Image 15: Brick Studio.