Decorating Ideas: Ode to Lynda Gardener – Part 1

Vintage Style-Queen Crush…Lynda Gardener

T.B.A.T.D. readers – be prepared to have a new vintage interior designer crush. Lynda Gardener. But who am I kidding?! You probably already know exactly who she is…I know I’ve loved her style for over 20 years. From her original shabby chic inner-city warehouse to her first vintage shop ‘Empire Vintage‘ to her interior design business, numerous guesthouses and now a new store that launched mid last year, simply called ‘Curated’.

Nobody does vintage quite like Lynda Gardener; and while we were still swooning over her whitewashed Melbourne warehouse filled with French armoires, linen love-seats, crystal chandeliers and curated market vintage gems, Lynda was making-over her interior design aesthetic with a new raw, industrial style (way, waayyyyy before it became more mainstream).

So after a two decade lady-crush, I felt it was well over due that I pay ode to Lynda Gardener and her impossibly cool, slightly off-kilter (the only way I like my interiors!) vintage style. In fact, you can tell this crush is the real deal, because I’ve had to spread this ode over two parts….head this way for part two once you’ve finished pouring over part one. X