Weekly Lifestyle and Fashion Inspiration

Weekly journal of the top ten things that rocked my (vintage) world.


1. Inge Morath: On Style. What is it about Inge Morath’s vintage photography that’s so damn magic? Her photos are like dreams, full of light. But also with a hint of darkness. If you’re in need of a new coffee table book, the just released ‘Inge Morath: On Style‘ would be my pick.


2. Gingham matched with Fishnets. I’m loving the drama and vintage edge of black & white gingham pieces matched with fishnets. Monochrome love.


3.  More Black & White Love. It’s a great mix. Opposites definitely attract in this gorgeous industrial style space. On the hunt for more vintage industrial inspo? Click here.


4. Meg Ryan’s Vintage Industrial Style. Revamped, industrial Soho NYC loft. Doesn’t get much better…I WANT, NEED, LOVE this loft. I’ve got some serious envy going on…


5. Wildling. Oozing a bit of Game of Thrones style is this stunning shoot. Regal, this brocade on brocade contrasting look is hard to resist. Look to 60’s and 70’s brocade vintage dresses, jackets and full-length coats. WINNING!!!


6. Dead People’s Stuff. Launched! A brand new Facebook page for our weekly vintage radio show Dead People’s Stuff. If you’re keen to join us on the air as a special guest, we’d love to hear from you. Simply send us a personal message from our Facebook page and we’ll be in touch.


7. Going Green. The warmer it gets, the more my heart seems to desire all things green. From enchanted forests, to boho rooms filled with potted plants to fairy gardens with stone walls. Check out my Spring-time moodboard here.


8.  Home Grown. Last Sunday my daughter and I set up a very humble little roadside plant stall. We painted an old door turquoise and used a vintage washing basket to display our potted Agave and Jade plants (replanted from our garden). It was such a fun project and we sold out in three days. Mumma and bubba success!


9. Bianca Jagger. What a style queen! Famous for her Studio 54 outfits, Bianca’s seriously sexy style is my new Pinterest passion. Think see-thru shimmery tops, luxe gowns, knotted turbans, feathers, fascinators, capes and full white suits.


10. The Cure’s Charlotte Sometimes. This week, our very awesome radio guest was Dave from Lismore Collectables (I adore this shop!!!). His top five tracks included The Cure’s Charlotte Sometimes and…it was sublime. Dave named his daughter Charlotte because of his love for this song. And, we named our daughter’s middle name Prudence due to Siouxsie and the Banshees version of “Dear Prudence”. Life’s beautiful soundtracks. X