Weekly Lifestyle and Fashion Inspiration

Weekly journal of the top ten things that rocked my (vintage) world.

1. The Curious Card Company. Love these small (but perfectly formed), dark and dreamy cards. And this week I had the pleasure of interviewing the artist, who is as warm as her cards are macabre. Take a looksy here.

2. Paradise Found. Yep, it’s Cuba. Sneak into communist Cuba by clicking here and take a romp through these amazing interiors. This is…A destination called desire.

3. Chinoiserie. I’ve always had a “THING” for de Gournay Chinoiserie wallpaper. From Wheels & Dollbaby’s ‘How to Snare a Millionaire‘ aesthetic to Gwen Stefani’s opulent, show-stopping shoot for InStyle magazine. You too? Jump onto my dedicated Chinoiserie Pinterest board. Already have your own board? Email me a link; I’d love to see it!

4. De Pura Raza. Spanish style has always inspired me. From my younger Sydney goth days, where I’d get around wearing a black flat-brimmed felt hat (think Wall of Voodoo) through to my current 1930’s piano shawl obsession. So I instantly fell in love with this shoot by Miguel Reveriego for the latest issue of Vogue Spain. How could I not?! The fishnet ankle socks. The layers-upon-layers of ruffles. And of course, the vintage piano shawl and black flat-brimmed felt hat. Thank you magazine gods!

Photographer: Miguel Reveriego. Model: Andreea Diaconu. Styling: Belén Antolín. Hair: David Carreiro. Make Up: Vincent Oquendo. Nails: Lucero Hurtado. Source: Visualising Fashion. Media: Vogue Spain.

5. What a Gem. Just when you think you’ve seen it all. Then, you stumble upon one picture, that leads you on a week-long treasure hunt for more. More emerald green raw silk wallpaper. More velvet lounges and chaiselongue’s. More vintage chandeliers. More tribal accessories. More everything. Explore more of this baby, by clicking here.

6. Wild Thing. I’m wild about the vintage details of this local Byron Bay house owned by artist Emma Walker. This could be the vintage decor inspo you’ve been looking for.

7. Sex Montage. I’m beyond speechless. This photoshoot for Vogue Russia by Luigi & Iango is what? I have no words, but how could I not re-blog a few pics? Luigi & Iango always deliver the most stunning black & white photos.

Photographer: Luigi & Iango. Model: Irina Shayk. Styling: Patrick Mackie. Hair: Luigi Murenu. Make Up: Georgi Sandev. Nails: Ashlie Johnson. Source: eToday. Media: Vogue Russia.

8. Boots. When I saw these blood-red satin, knee-high, lace-up boots I nearly fainted. Then I scrolled on and saw the black ankle stilettos with studs and my heart hit the floor. One of these days, these boots are gonna…be mine (I wish!)

Photographer: Alexei Hay. Model: Coco Rocha. Styling: Ise White. Fashion Direction: Katie Trotter. Hair: David Cruz; Nancy Sea Silver. Source: Anne of Carversville. Media: Harper’s Bazaar Arabia.

9. We’ve Been Promoted! Our radio show, Dead People’s Stuff, has moved to drive time! Are we excited? HELL YES!!! Tune-in to 2NCR FM next Tuesday from 4pm-6pm or stream live here. To get your motor running, I give you Highway to Hell…PLAY IT LOUD, wherever you are. Wake-up the neighbours. Piss-off your boss. Air-guitar with your kids. Make Bon proud!

10. Warehouse Door. Can you love a door? Because I may have just fallen for this one. To see what’s behind the door, follow this link. But before you do, remember – love hurts (so does envy and jealousy).

Image 1: The Curious Card Company. Image 2: Michael Eastman. Image 3: Carol J Moir. Image 4: Wheels & Dollbaby. Image 5 & 6: Michelangelo di Battista. Images 7 – 12: Miguel Reveriego. Images 13 & 14: Ester Gebuis via RA Studio. Images 15 & 16: Mark Roper. Images 17-19: Luigi & Iango. Images 20 & 21: Alexei Hay. Images 22 & 23: Via Desire to Inspire