Weekly Lifestyle and Fashion Inspiration

Weekly journal of the top ten things that rocked my (vintage) world.


1. Floral Vintage Dresses. This summer I’m stocking up on shoulder-baring 70’s and 80’s floaty vintage dresses in delicate fabrics (I’m also totally infatuated with pale pink hair).


2. Chunky Boots + Delicate Lace. I love how these combat-style boots give this very feminine, lace dress some edginess and drama.


3. The ‘LOVE’ Album by The Cult. Released this week in 1985, I still have an ongoing fling with this record and it’s currently on high rotation.


4. My Radio Guest. This week I caught up with Jaret from Hepburn Springs Chalet located in Daylesford on my radio show Dead People’s Stuff. With an obsession for vintage, Jared has amassed and decked out his guesthouse with Tretchikoff prints, Barsony lamps and mid-century modern furniture. It’s uber-cool stuff indeed.


5. Courtney Love’s New Collection. Nasty Gal‘s first look at Courtney Love’s latest clothing collection was unveiled this week. I’ve always been so drawn to this grungy ‘anti-princess’ style. Vintage baby-doll dresses. 30’s silk slips. 60’s leopard print coats. Cute-as Mary Jane’s with knee high socks. Ivory satin. Vintage diamante tiaras. I’m all in!


6. All Things Blue & White. This week’s blog inspiration? Blue and white vintage spaces. It was looking at photos of Stuart Membrey’s Bali home (pictured above) that got this combo stuck in my head. And it wasn’t a bad thing. If you’re feeling blue, click here for a few things guaranteed to make you smile.


7. Finding Sanctuary. After a tiring day, I came across Rebecca Watson’s blog ‘Sanctuary’. The serene washed-out colours and soft grey shades of her beautiful photos was exactly what I needed. I melted into the couch, soaking up Rebecca’s stunning images. Dip into this beautiful world here.


8.  Home. I’m hoping other people can relate to this. BUT what’s with Spring and the overwhelming desire to clean stuff?! I found myself in a Spring cleaning frenzy this week (luckily it only lasted 24 hours). I even bought a new house plant (my guess is it’ll be dead within the month…)


9.  One Vintage Designs. I can’t get enough of this Instagram page (click here). It’s one rare vintage dress after another. This London based brand re-works antique textiles and dresses into unique, one-off garments and they will blow your mind. RIP bank balance.


10. Desperately Seeking Susan. Re-watched this classic 80’s flick and realised I’m still desperately seeking all of Madonna’s outfits. The iconic pyramid jacket, the bedazzled ankle boots, sheer lace tops, men’s tuxedo pants clinched tight at the waist, do-rags, boxer shorts with lace stocking and of course, a pair of gold heirloom earrings.