Weekly Lifestyle and Fashion Inspiration

Weekly journal of the top ten things that rocked my (vintage) world.


1. Turbans. The humidity is wreaking havoc on my hair. My no-puffy-frizz solution is turbans. Bad hair be gone. Love this shimmery version worn by Elle Fanning for the latest issue of C Magazine.

Photography Beau Grealy. Stylist Alison Edmond. Source Fashion Gone Rogue.


2. More Hair Fixes. Indulge me. But how many times can I say “It’s too hot”, without you clicking away? One? Ten? Well, let’s see, cos’ I’m gonna give it a red-hot try this week. Because the truth is, “Man, it’s hot!” It’s far too hot for clothes, but not hats. So here’s some more headgear ideas that will love you back. Unlike your clothes…


3.  Pool Envy. Last week room envy. This week pool envy. Because it’s blistering hot (we still good, right? Still here?) Now this pool (and porch) could change all my feelings about summer – in an instant!


4. Rainforests. Are so amazing and beautiful. Oh, and cool. I lost myself in this shoot by photographer Andrew Yee for The Financial Times ‘How To Spend It‘ Magazine, December 2016. See more here.

Model Ali Michael. Stylist Damian Foxe. Hair Antoinette Beenders. Makeup Marco Antonio. Source Fashion Editorials.

5. Time Warp. We loved having Eva from Heath’s Old Wares as our special guest this week on Dead People’s Stuff. Eva requested some great music including this all-time party fave, ‘Time Warp’ from Rocky Horror Picture Show. And yes, I think Tim Curry is HOT as Frank-N-Furter (And yes, I’m talking to you Nomes and Tanya. How can you not see it?)


6. Do’s and Don’ts of Christmas Decoration. At 5:23am yesterday I was putting up our Christmas tree with my frenzied, delirious daughter. I’d been trying to hold off, but after weeks of pestering, I couldn’t come up with any more excuses. Now we have a large green plastic blob to navigate in our lounge room for the next month. Each year, I promise myself I’ll get a real tree or make something from beechwood…yet to happen. So I had to share this gorgeous take on Christmas decoration from Vintage House blog. Because this is how it’s really done! Warm Blossa Glogg (mulled wine) and all!


7. Combat Boots + Evening Gowns. It’s no wonder I think the season from hell is summer. When this is my PERFECT idea of dressing. Combat boots and vintage dresses made of tulle. Love this combo styled by Dannielle Cartisano for ELLE Australia, December 2016.

Photographer Georges Antoni. Model Aleyna Fitzgerald. Hair Michele McQuillan. Make-Up Linda Jefferyes. Source Smile Blog.


8.  The Sock-and-Shoe Combo. Dial it down. This is a great way to ground your heels with summer socks.

9. Gilmore Girls. I LOVED being back in Stars Hollow this week with Lorelai and Rory for Netflix’s “A Year in the Life”. This clip is from an earlier season, with Lorelai in vintage shoes. LORELAI: “My heel just broke off. Damn, these are brand new shoes, too.” RORY: “They were made in 1943.” LORELAI: “Well, I just bought them Tuesday.


10. Black Still Life. Black walls are a little like my relationship with the beach. I think they would be amazing, but only for about ten minutes. The sun is too harsh where I live. Don’t get me wrong – black is beautiful and if you live in Scandinavia or Iceland, I’m extremely jealous. In a perfect world, I’d be painting my dining room black tomorrow. Love these still life photos by interior designer Johanna Pilfalk.

Oh, have I mention – “Man, it’s hot“. x