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Weekly journal of the top ten things that rocked my (vintage) world.

For my regular readers; sorry about no blog last week. I went a little AWOL…

1. Cowgirl style. Check out my blog “Even Cowgirls get the Blues” for chunky-as-heck vintage cowboy boots, belts and buckles. Giddy up…

2. The queen of vintage cool, Kate Moss, in her latest W Magazine shoot. Dark, sexual, pessimistic, fatal and menacing. Really, does noir style get any better (or THAT leopard print coat!)?

3. Dark desires. Smitten by this seductive old house, black tulle couture and crystal chandelier. Latest Harper’s Bazaar UK shoot lensed by Regan Cameron.

4. There’s shabby chic and then there is Lynda Gardener’s impossibly beautiful homes. Check out my ode to this little lady, whose style I’ve loved for over two decades, click here.

5. Nobody puts baby in the corner. My favourite space_witch666, Frances Bean Cobain, starring in the new Marc Jacobs 2017 campaign, complete with retro sunnies, wedges and grungy ‘tude.

6. Super luxe and feathered hat dreams. From the pages of Vanity Fair Spain’s January 2017 issue.

7. Love a vintage maximalist house? Take a tour of the Italian abode of Gucci’s Creative Director. It’s jam-packed with ‘no fear‘ style. Click here.

8. With a too-cool-to-care vibe, there is something about 90’s grunge style that still stirs me up. Be (mis)guided by clicking here.

9. This week on our radio show, Dead People’s Stuff, we played songs of protest including this track by The Models – which just goes to show you can still looking f***ing cool while changing the world.

10. Tuff ‘n stuff. Just a little weekend industrial styling inspo! Have a great one friends. x

Image 1: David Sims. Image 2: Lachlan Bailey. Images 3-5: Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott Images 6-7: Regan Cameron. Images 8-11: Click here for credits. Images 12-14: Marc Jacobs. Images 15-16: Alex Bramall. Images 17-18: Click here for credits. Images 19-20: via Pinterest and photographer unknown. Images 20-21: Christopher Johnson.