Decorating Ideas: La Revolution – Cuban Interiors

Paradise Found – Cuban Interiors

Let us talk about Cuba.

Specially the interiors and crushed-up, faded colours.

These pictures make my heart beat a little faster and my wanderlust rise a LOT higher.

But what is it? The feel of a crumbling empire? The dust and rust? The 50’s rockabilly cars? The idea of mojito-filled nights and Hemingway-filled days? The beauty of the old Havana apartments? I could go on, but I’m guessing you probably love Cuba as much as me…

Until I get the chance to fill-up my photo album, here are some stunning images by Michael Eastman (plus a few extras).

Photography: All pictures Michael Eastman. Except image 14: Ellen Von Unwerth, image 12, 16 & 18: Andrew L Moore, image 26: Benny Horne, image 34: Carol J Moir, image 43: J.R.Duran.