Fashion Editorial: Even Cowgirls get the Blues

Cowgirls, Tepees and Guns

Never love a cowboy, eh girls?!

Cowgirls on the other hand. “Wanted!”

Whether it’s gritty, boho, chic, East-meets-West or goth there is so much to love about this style. Vintage cowboy boots a M-U-S-T!

Images 1-6 Photography: David Sims. Images 7-13 Photography: Ellen Von Unwerth. Images 14-15 Photography: Mark Segal. Image 16 Photography: Nagi Sakai. Image 17 Photography: Will Davidson. Image 18 Photography: Rankin. Images 18-19 Photography: Lachlan Bailey. Images 20, 22, 23 Photography: Harper Smith. Image 21 Photography: Jason Kibbler.