Decorating Ideas: Converted Church House Tour

God This House is Heavenly

To be clear, I LOVE this house.

I’ve adored it in my dreams.

Driven my husband crazy (ker-azy) about wanting to buy an old church.

And spent days trying to track down some pics to share with you (so you too can carry around as much longing as I do – thank me later).

It of course follows, that, yes, this gorgeous little church conversion is pretty much E X A C T L Y how I would decorate my church (…my church…has a nice ring to it…my church…positive affirmations work right?). A no-holds-barred collection of religious statues, bleeding heart pictures, pews and reliquary coupled with a strong mix of old wooden furniture, red velvet curtains, Art Deco light fittings and a captain’s chair. Amen.

This baby has been sent by a higher power.

Love, love, love (just saying – in case there was any ambiguity about my feelings). 

Photography: Sharyn Cairns. Media: Country Living.