Decorating Ideas: #bohostyle meets Scandi

Let your Inner Boho Babe Run Wild

On a scale of one to a hundred-wild-horses, how insanely hot is it?!

When I came across this vintage boho interior, I just melted. This is where I imagine the wild things live, happily.

I can’t help picturing¬†myself spending a day (or two) in this house. I’d spend all day in that turquoise kimono, while lazing about in that restful bedroom and (occasionally) flicking through some rock ‘n roll books. As the sun sets, I’d pick some greenery for the house and finish the day with a glass of wine in that big squishy leather armchair…Then repeat.

Fantasy over. Let’s start the house tour…

Photographer: Kristin Lagerqvist. Source: Lovely Life.