Outfit Ideas: Ballerina Crushes & Vintage Dresses

If you follow me on Pinterest, you may have noticed that I have this, you know, thing for ballet.

It all started when my mum took me to the Ballet Opera de Paris (this has to be one of the lushest Instagram pages ever) on Christmas Day for my birthday while we were holidaying in France. It was magic.

The day started with mass at Notre Dame Cathedral (my one and only ever mass), followed by the National Ballet and then McDonald’s for dinner (I know, I know. But it was 1994, Pulp Fiction had just been released at the movies and this was my chance to order a real “royale with cheese”).

After seeing the gorgeous Ballet Opera de Paris, I have been ballet-obsessed ever since. Although I’ve always had an affection towards tutus, vintage dresses with tulle, tiara’s and ballet flats (especially with ribbon laces).

Maybe due to the flicks of my formative years, where I watched (and re-watched) Flashdance, Xanadu, Footloose, Grease and Saturday Night Fever. And let’s not even get started on Dirty Dancing (Nobody puts baby in a corner!)

And thank god, right? Not sure what my friends and twelve-year-old self would have done all weekend if we didn’t make up dance routines and dream about John Travolta.

So today’s blog is on pointe. One for my fellow ballet-loving babes.